Monday, September 13, 2010

Pure Joy!

Mom and Dad,

This week has been very good and it just flew by! I cannot believe it's already Preparation-day. This week we taught Steven who lives in England five discussions. He searched online for four hours and found the number for the Ward Mission Leader. The Mission Leader gave him the Bishop's phone number and then he got the missionaries number and called them. They taught him once and then set up a return appointment with him. He is going to church on Sunday and they arranged a ride for him. We get to call him on Sunday so I'm excited to see how church went for him. I'm a little sad we don't get to call him as often as we used to now that his local missionaries are teaching him. I can't wait to add him as a friend on facebook when I get home. :)

Overall, the work is going wonderfully! I love CHAT so much! I am really praying that I can stay in Chat with my companion next transfer. I love how everything is going. I honestly think this may be my favorite transfer out of my whole mission! The Lord really knows me!!!

I love you so much! This church brings me so much pure joy. I know that it is only through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that I get to experience all this wonderful joy!

I love you! You're always in my thoughts and prayers!


Sister Aubree Garbett

P.S. I'm using my last stamp on this letter! That's how much I truly love you! But can you please send me more stamps? :)

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