Friday, July 24, 2009

The Best Day Of My Mission!

July 18, 2009

Dear Mom & Dad,

I had the best day of my mission, so far today! I went to Temple Square! We left the MTC at 3pm and got to Temple Square at 4pm. We all went to the “underground laired.” We met in a conference room and sang “Called to Serve.” The mission has added a third verse about Temple Square. Then we met our companions for the day. My companion was Sister Higgenbotham from Virginia. She was amazing! We talked to lots of people and got lots of member referrals.
As Sister “H” was talking to a member family and getting a referral from them, I saw a family walk by us. They looked like middle age parents with a young toddler. I later found out they were the grandparents to this two-year-old boy. Right when I saw them I knew I needed to talk to them. The spirit was prompting me very strongly. My stomach was churning and my heart was racing, like right before you bear your testimony on Fast Sunday.

When Sister “H” was finished talking with the first family she asked me if I wanted to go contacting somewhere else. I said no, we needed to talk to these people (the grandparents of the 2 year-old). She didn’t object, so I walked over to them and started talking. I introduced myself and got their names. Oh, right when I started to approach them the two-year-old looked up at me. He smiled and ran straight towards me and gave my legs a huge hug! I almost started crying because, Mom, I remembered our talk just before I left on my mission. You said you felt prompted to tell me that as non-member families come to Temple Square, the parents may not be receptive to the gospel message but their little children will seek me out. You said, years from now when I’m off my mission, the children who will then be adults may not remember my name or what I said to them when they visited Temple Square as a child, but they will always remember the spirit they felt as I testified to them of Jesus Christ and his great love for them. When that little boy sought me out and gave me a hug, it was as if the spirit had just witnessed to me that what you had said was true!

As I began to talked to this couple, I discovered that I had no problem talking with them. I felt so calm and we connected very quickly. We offered to take them on a tour and they accepted. We took them to God’s plan for families. Although, the two-year-old was a little rowdy most of the time, the spirit was still there. After the tour we asked if we could send missionaries to visit them. They rejected. Sister “H” talked to them about the Book of Mormon and testified of the truthfulness of that sacred book. I don’t know how she did it, but they accepted the missionaries!

I had an amazing time! I am so excited to be able to serve at Temple Square every day of my mission! I wish Sister ”H” would be my trainer! She’s awesome. Oh, so we were contacting people and we started talking with a man and woman who were very nice and appeared kind of “hippish.” The man asked why all the Sister missionaries at Temple Square were so pretty. I explained that it’s a proven fact that confidence makes people more attractive and that all of the sisters at Temple Square were confident because we know who we are and we know Jesus Christ is our savior and we know God has a plan for us. The woman with him then said she notice how Mormons seem to have a “glow” about them. My companion then explained about the Holy Ghost. But in the end, they said they weren’t really interested in hearing more about the church (yet :~)).

I know Temple Square is the mission where I am supposed to be. I can’t believe I ever doubted Heavenly Father. I can’t wait until next Wednesday (22 July), that's when I can come to Temple Square as full time missionary and to do God’s work. I am in a better mood right now than I was on my first day at the MTC, and that’s saying a lot because you know how excited I was when you dropped me off in Provo!

I love you both so much! THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! I have such an amazing testimony! Thank you for raising me in the true Church of Jesus Christ! I love you!


Sister Garbett

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember Who You Are!

July 16, 2009

Mom & Dad,

Hey how are you? How’s life without me? I started the Visitor Center (VC) training yesterday! It’s a lot of fun. Basically we take everything we’ve learned in the last three weeks and learn how to apply it to Temple Square. We have a practice tonight where we give a mock tour. On Saturday we go to Temple Square and give tours with other sister missionaries already there. We officially go to Temple Square on Wednesday, 22 July. I’m so excited! It really is fun here, and I’ve learned so much.

I’m able to call people who have been referred to me, while I’m at the MTC and at Temple Square. We can ask other missionaries if they have any referrals and we can call them just like we do here in the Referral Center. So if you have any friends or co-workers you can give me their number and name and I can call them and send them a Book of Mormon or a church DVD. I’m so excited!

I wake up about 5:45am on the days when I wash my hair. If I don’t have to do my hair, I sleep till 6:15ish. But I am out of bed everyday by 6:30am and I am so exhausted by the end of the day that sometimes I write in my journal as fast as I can just to be in bed 15 minutes early. I sleep through the entire night, every night.

M stomachaches are only a couple times a week. I don’t know if I’m just stressed or what. But usually if I feel sick I just skip a meal and I better by the next one. The food is good. It’s a lot of carbs, but I like carbs, so I don’t mind. But I’m probably gaining lots of weight!

It’s still really weird that I’m on a mission. In eight days I can say I only have 17 months left! It’s so crazy. Time has flown by. People weren’t kidding when they said the days are long, but the weeks are short. I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost three weeks. Every Wednesday, when the new missionaries arrive at the MTC, I remember when you dropped me off. It wasn’t sad at all. I’m glad I was ready.

Mom and Dad, I know this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves me. That’s why he blessed me to come to you. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. I know that he answered Joseph Smith’s prayer. I know that God and Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him the true gospel of Jesus Christ was no longer on the earth. I know Joseph Smith was the tool God used to restore His church. I am so grateful to live on the earth when the true gospel is here, in it’s fullness. I am grateful that the Priesthood keys have been restored and that Dad has the power and authority to act in the name of Jesus Christ! I’m grateful that Dad gave me a father’s blessing before I came out on the mission field. I forgot to tell you, one of the MTC Branch Presidency was interviewing me and he said he felt prompted to tell me that I would see the results of my efforts while I was still on my mission. Didn’t the Stake President say the same thing when he set me apart as a missionary? I am so grateful for worthy Priesthood holders who have influenced my life!

I love you so much! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your great examples and testimonies. Thank you for everything you do. REMEMBER who you are. Live up to the potential you have been pre-ordained to become. Something I have learned is we expect too little! We can all work harder, be better, and expect more of ourselves! I love you so much!


Sister Garbett

Friday, July 17, 2009

MTC Referral Center (RC)

July 13, 2009

Hi Family,

I' m doing great at the MTC! I love it here and I have learned so much already. I can't believe I've been here for three weeks. I have had so many great experiences!

I went to the Referral Center (RC) today. That's where we call people who ordered movies and copies of the Book of Mormon from the church commercials. I called to confirm if a guy who had requested his Bible received it. He wasn't home, but I talked to his nanny. I told her I used to be a nanny and we ended up talking a lot. I asked her about her religion and she said she is christian. I asked if she had heard of the LDS church. She said she had but she didn't know very much about it. So I started talking to her about how God loves us and blesses us. I told her we believe in the Book of Mormon. I asked if we could send her a copy and she said yes! I also told her we had some representatives (missionaries) who could bring the book to her and share a message with her. I asked if I could send them, too, and she said yes!

I was so happy! I bore my testimony and told her how happy I was that she was going to meet with the missionaries. I know that the Lord needed me to make that phone call at that time. I know I'm suppose to be here! I don't know if I'll ever see the fruits of my labors while on my mission, but just planting a seed is satisfaction enough for me.

I know this is the only true gospel on the earth. I know that Jesus Christ atoned for us, not only for our sins. but also for our pains and afflictions. Because of this, we can turn to him for anything!

I love this church so much!

Please write and keep me updated on everything!


Sister Garbett

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pictures from the MTC!

I can’t believe I’ve been here for 2 weeks! It actually kind of feels like forever ago, and at the same time it feels like yesterday! It’s so weird!

I know that I’m supposed to be here, and my mission is going to help me so much! I know this is the only true church! I love being here, and I know I’m going to love Temple Square. I love you all so much! Write me!

Oh! So my ecclesiastical certificate says it expires December 8, 2010. See you then!


Sister Garbett

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



I have been in the MTC for 6 days today. It is so much fun! I have 2 companions, one from Jamaica (Sis Pommells) and one from North Carolina (Sis Heath). They are both great! Today we had a teaching appointment (TA), which is when someone comes to the MTC and pretends to be an investigator. We taught her the 1st lesson. It went so well. It was such a spiritual experience. I testified to her about how we can pray and receive answers through the Holy Ghost. Then she asked how we know it’s the Holy Ghost, and the scripture in Galatians 5 popped into my head and I turned right to it. I hadn’t even planned to use that scripture. But the spirit prompted me to do so. I’ve learned that we teach people not lessons. It took me a little while to understand that, but now I really understand. It’s not really what we teach them, as much as it is how well we meet their needs. When we teach them, to help them and meet their needs, I feel the love Heavenly father has for them.

Yesterday I went to the referral center (RC), which is where we call and receive calls from potential investigators. I was really nervous. My first call I just go an answering machine. Then the computer stopped working right so we had to call a different group of people. We had to call people who were supposed to have had the missionaries visited them.

I looked at the name I had. It was a women from Michigan. So I picked up the phone and called her. She answered and I began talking. She said she had met with the elders and received a Book of Mormon. She also said she referred one of her friends with a young daughter to the missionaries and they had been to church twice. I found out this woman had just been diagnosed with diabetes and lived alone. She said she felt like no one care for her. Then she saw the church commercial on T.V., so she called. She was so grateful for the love the missionaries gave her. I testified of Heavenly fathers love and told her that I sincerely cared for her, for I truly felt God’s love for her. She said just when life was getting hard “Jesus called her phone and came knocking o her door.” That’s who we are, representatives of Jesus Christ. I committed her to read the Book of Mormon and to meet with the missionaries this week.

This is why I’m here! I absolutely love the MTC. It’s hard and stressful but it’s worth it. I had my first hard day yesterday, but I already feel better. I know I just need to continue to rely on the Lord. I have a feeling I’m going to lose weight in the MTC. I am overwhelmed and stressed and I get stomachaches at least once a day, which prevents me from eating very much. But that’s ok with me. J I’m in bed by 10:30 almost every and up by 5:30 almost every morning. It’s a good thing I’m so vain. It’s such a great motivator to get me out of bed. I iron my clothes every night all by myself. :)

I’m super happy and outgoing everyday. It may get a little annoying to my companions, but they deal with it real well. I say hi to everyone I see and tell jokes to all the districts in my zone.
Why do melon always have big weddings? --because they cantaloupe!
Why couldn’t the missionaries eat dinner? --because Moroni hid the plates!

Yeah, they all think I’m pretty silly.

A bunch of elders in my zone left the MTC today. They’re serving in Sacramento! I told them it was 108 yesterday and they weren’t too happy to hear about Northern California summers.
I really am having a blast! I love you all! Write me! I got 6 letters yesterday and I felt so loved! Keep it up!


Sister Garbett

Friday, July 3, 2009

My First P-Day

Hey Mommy!

So today is my first P-day! I seriously love it here. I am doing laundry right now. I am learning so much already. I know the first lesson and I have taught it to an "investigator" already. My companions and I get along great. It gets kind of old not being able to be alone, but it's for the best. I am trying really hard to be obedient. I wake up earlier than I need to every day! I have written you a few letters and you should be getting them in the next few days, if you haven’t already.
I get a stomach ache every day. I can barely eat anything or else I get really sick. I have a stomach ache right now because I think I ate too much for lunch. I am actually trying to eat healthy and get all of my fruits and vegetables and protein. I really hope my stomach aches stop. So please pray for me.

How is the family? I am not even homesick yet. Are the kids getting bigger already? I need everyone's e-mail address. And can you please forward these to everyone, unless it is personal and I ask you not to. I love you all so much. This is seriously the best, most spiritual time I've ever had!

Tell Stacy hi, and thanks for the letters and pictures! I haven't received any real mail from anyone else, so tell them to get on that! I know this is where I'm supposed to be. I love this church so much. I love you! Thank you for being such a great example to me and for supporting me on my mission.

My stomach hurts, so I'm gonna go! I love you so much!


Sister garbett