Monday, February 22, 2010

"Peace In This Life"

February 12, 2010

Mom & Dad,

Hey, I’m so happy I got to talk to you today online. I’m really anxious about transfers this week. I’m curious how outbound calls are going to be. I can’t believe this transfer is almost over already! Time flies by. I’ve had such a great time with my current companion. I’m sad it’s already transfers again.

I will probably find out if and where I’m going before I sent this letter out. When I find out I’ll write the new address on back of the envelope. But it kind of sounds like you already know where I’m going. You should have told me if I’m going to be warm or cold.

This week has been really good. We took a tour with one member, his very less active daughter, and her non-member friend. The spirit was very strong during the whole tour. When we invited the non-member to receive more information about the church. She referred for a Book of Mormon and all three visitors gave us two potential referrals (names of friends to contact). So far two of those six potentials referred, meaning they agreed to accept a Book of Mormon or receive a church video. I called the member to let him know his friend referred and he told me his daughter was very impressed by her visit to Temple Square and she seemed more open to the church.

Sister Cheng took her first “Motor Coach” tour on Wednesday. A Motor Coach is a tour with twenty or more people who come to Temple Square to walk around the grounds. This tour had 43 Mandarin speakers from Mainland China. If they refer we gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon in Chinese right then and there. We also save their information for when the mission opens there. On this Motor Coach tour 24 of the visitors received a Book of Mormon! China really is being prepared to receive the gospel in its country.

This church is true and it is for everyone! In the missionary manual “Preach My Gospel” it says, “You are surrounded by people…They want peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come, but they are ‘kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.’ The gospel of Jesus Christ as restored through the prophet Joseph Smith will bless their families, meet their spiritual needs, and help them fulfil their deepest desires.” Before we came to earth everyone chose to follow the Savior. My role as a missionary is to remind people of this and to help them find peace in this life. I love being a missionary. This is Christ’s church on the earth today.

I’m so happy that through our Savior we can live with our Heavenly Father again. I’m grateful for the priesthood authority that binds our family together forever. I love you so much! Thank you for everything you do!


Sister Aubree Garbett

PS My new address is:
Sister Aubree Garbett
Baltimore Maryland Mission
4785 Dorsey Hall Drive Suite 105
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"A Window To His Love"

February 12, 2010

Hey Family,

The Mission President called me into his office the other day to make sure everything was going good with me health wise. I really thought that meant I was going Outbound to another mission in the States for 3 to 4 transfers (4-6 months). But then he called in a bunch of other sisters, too. Some of them have already been Outbound, so I don't know what that means, or if it means anything.

I am actually feeling like I am going Outbound this transfer, but I'm not sure. I was in the celestial room of the temple and I felt the answer to my question was that I am going... but I don't know for sure. I don't want to get ready then not go and feel really stupid. I don't know if it's the Spirit or if it's just me wanting to go Outbound. If I do go I really hope I go for 3 transfers because then I will only come back for 4. That's less than how long I've been out already. I really hope I go somewhere warm, too!

Monday I will find out if and where I'm going. But if I go this week I will call from the airport on Wednesday. I am hoping for a layover so I have a lot of time to talk. It's pretty stressful with all this anxiety wondering if I'm going or not. I wish I knew when I was going and if I am, because it would be really nice to be able to pack everything today on my p-day.

But if I don't go I can't tell you until I have my next p-day, which could be a while. Well, actually I can just write it on the back of the envelope on the letter I’ll send out when I write you. But if I DO go outbound, I will call you from the airport. Can you put some money into my account in case I go Outbound and need to pay extra for my luggage or get food at the airport? I have a little money left from the gift card, but if I'm going Outbound I really want to go buy that cute coat that I wanted a couple of transfers ago. :)

Hey, tell Stacy to tell Keith that UC Santa Barbara is NOT a place to have a family. I went there one time for cheer camp and that is the LARGEST party school in California and WELL known for its drugs! Seriously, the beach is cold and ugly and the whole town is a hippie drug town. While we were there they were having tons of parties with drugs and alcohol and it is NOT a place to raise a sweet LDS family. Tell them I am serious. I love Keith so much and all he has to do is go to that school and realize that the spirit is nowhere near it. I thought about going there because they have a really good all girls cheer squad. But as soon as I was there I realized I would NEVER want to go to that school every day. And I’m sure he won’t either, especially since he will be spending so much time there at labs and doing other stuff. And I'm not only saying this because I don't want Stacy to move. I would have no problem visiting her wherever she moves to and it would be a lot of fun if it were in Southern California. But UCSB is not a place I would want to spend a weekend.

You asked about my health and I have discovered that I don't get as many stomach aches if I am constantly snacking on crackers or fruit snacks and stuff. But I don't think it's keeping me very skinny.

Yesterday, I sang for an event at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I sang “A Window to His Love.” I think that's what Stacy sang at her missionary farewell. I was pretty much part of the lunch entertainment. But it was pretty cool. It was all of the international people who do the websites from all over the world. Plus we got free food. There were three musical numbers and one of the sisters who is incredibly talented with voice and piano was in charge of picking the sisters to perform at the event and she picked me! I felt so special. My musical number when ok, but I discovered this beautiful arrangement of “Consider The Lilies” that another sister performed. I decided I really want Stacy to sing that for Easter. I will try to get her a copy.

Since there are too many sisters on the Square and not enough guests, we have been doing something new here. We get to attend two sessions in a row a couple times a week in the Salt Lake Temple. It is amazing to be in the temple for four hours at a time! Also, I don’t think I told you that I got to do service in the Temple a couple of weeks ago, I assisted in the cleaning of the Temple. It was amazing!

Please, tell Stacy I LOVED her Valentine’s Day package!!! She is so sweet. I am making a tape for her and I will record a lot so I will send it out soon. Her homemade caramel is fantastic!!!!! I have been sharing it with my companion and other sisters because it is sooo good and if I don't share it I will get fat. I’m eating one right now. It tastes just like the Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm caramel apples they sell in Wheatland. Now, I just need an apple.

I’ll close for now but will upload some new pictures right now. I have to figure out how to get the videos onto a CD because I am almost out of room on my memory card. If I go Outbound I am allowed to call from the airport, but sometimes we leave really early. I could call as early as 4am so keep the phone nearby.


Sister Garbett

Monday, February 8, 2010


February 5, 2010

OK Family,

You’re really starting to slack! (except for Steven, he sends me Dear Elder every week). But everyone else is forgetting about me. I haven’t even hit my half way mark, yet. This is way too soon to forget about me. I’m feeling really unloved right now. No letters from anyone in my family(except Steven) this week. I have to go the whole weekend without mail. I’m not even working on patience this week.

So the first step in repentance is to admit you did something wrong. I took care of that step for you. Next is to feel sorry… You will definitely feel sorry when you don’t get a letter from me this week. The third step is you need to correct the mistake. You can make it up to me with packages. Then you need to ask for forgiveness. I’ll forgive you after I get some Kookaburra licorice. Finally, you DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!!! I’m serious, this is two weeks in a row!

But on a serious note, last night I was having a really bad feeling like something bad happened. I couldn’t fall asleep and I was praying for comfort to know that everything was ok, but it didn’t really help. I was really hoping someone would be online to day to tell me everything is ok and nothing bad has happened. So hurry up and send me a letter to tell me how much you love me and that nothing bad happened and I’m freaking out about nothing!

I still love you.


Sister Garbett

Steadfastness In Christ

January 29, 2010

Mommy & Daddy,

This week has been pretty good. We’ve had more success. We have also been taking Mandarin and Cantonese tours. I haven’t really learned any Chinese yet. It’s pretty hard.

My companion and I are still getting along great. Her birthday is tomorrow and I planned to have a surprise breakfast for her. A few other sisters are blowing up balloons tonight and tomorrow I’m going to wake up early and make German pancakes and eggs. I home my companion will like it.

I was really surprised when I heard dad was released from being the organist after 27 years! But I was also excited. It’s about time they get dad out of the calling so he can get a new one. The Lord is preparing you, daddy, for a responsibility to show your potential. Continue going to church and build your testimony. I want to come home to parents who are more righteous than me. The Lord is testing both of you now. You don’t have a calling or any reason why people would need you to go to church (so it seems) but this is your time to grow and to prove to the Lord that you really do honor the covenants you made.

I think of Nephi and his family in the wilderness. One of the first things the Lord commanded Nephi to do was to kill Laban. Sometimes I think Nephi could have just took Laban’s clothes, got the brass plates and ran for it. But more than getting the brass plates, Nephi needed to be tested to show his obedience to the Lord. Even when his brothers tied him up , or murmured, or tried to kill him. Nephi was always faithful to the Lord. Because Nephi showed his faithfulness to the Lord, the Lord continued to give him more commandments and blessings because he knew Nephi was a good and faithful servant.

This is your test. Mom and Dad, you may think that you are not needed at church anymore, but that is not true. People there need your testimony, the Lord needs you to be His servant and I need you. I need the comfort of knowing I was born of goodly parents who love the Lord. When I testify to people of the temple, I want to know that I will be with my family forever and that my parents go to the temple often and keep the covenants they made there. We have always been holding onto the iron rod, but sometime we forget to move forward. We need to make sure we are pressing forward with steadfastness in Christ as we can so we can reach the tree of life and see our potential. Then we will be able to help others (family) come too.

I love you both so much. If it weren’t for your sweet testimonies, I wouldn’t be here. I am so grateful you are my parents and that I was born into the covenant. I know this church is true with all my hart. I know the book of Mormon is the word of God. I encourage you to read it together. I know you are both so busy, but if you find the time to read it for at least 15 minutes a day together. I promise you, you will grow closer together and closer to the Lord and you will have a better understanding of His divine will for you. I know this is the Lord’s church. I am so grateful to be a literal representative of Jesus Christ. I love you so much!

You’re in my prayers.

Love Sister Garbett