Monday, June 15, 2009


So, yesterday I gave my farewell talk. My topic was chapter 4 from Preach My Gospel "How do I recognize and understand the Spirit." I was asked to prepare a 10-12min talk. I was so worried that I would have too much to say and not enough time, or that I would go over my allotted time. I prayerfully prepared and I felt ready. I practiced it a few times and it was about 13min long. I was ready.

The morning of, I did some last minute preparations and made sure everything was in order. I prayed to have the Spirit and to do well. I got to church and they didn't have programs, so I had no idea when I was speaking. There were two other guys speaking with me and we were trying to guess who would go last. The guy beside me jokingly said if he went second, I would have LOTS of time to talk. The conducting counselor announced the program and said I would be the concluding speaker. I was kind of happy about that. After all, it was my farewell.

So the first speaker got up and gave his talk in about 3 minutes! Then the second speaker got up and gave his in about 7! I looked at the clock and started laughing and tried not to freak out! I had prepared a 13min talk and now had over 25min of time to fill. Luckily, the choir sang and took up almost 5 min.

I got up to the pulpit and began my talk. I made sure to talk slowly and to take my time. I felt confident and comfortable in front of everyone. I felt the Spirit guiding me in what I should say. I added a couple extra stories to help me fill the time and finished my talk in about 22min. I was very pleased with how I presented my talk and by the responses I was getting from the congregation. I received lots of compliments including being told I "sounded like a missionary," which is what I was hoping for. I am very grateful that I was able to know the things that I should say.

It was a bitter-sweet day. I am very happy that I am going on a mission in just a few days, but It was a little sad to say goodbye to my family ward. After, church we had a small family get together at my parents house. We ate nachos for dinner, and cake that my sister made in the shape of the Salt Lake Temple for dessert. It was nice to spend time with my family and friends for the last time before I leave. I had a great "last Sunday supper" With my family. I am so excited to go on my mission and to share the Gospel with the people on Temple Square!

9 more days till I'm in the MTC!

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  1. ok, so my emotions have been going all crazy lately, but reading this post totally made me cry. haha
    im seriously so happy for you and i know you will be an amazing missionary!
    I wish you the best of luck! :)
    Love ya girly!