Friday, August 21, 2009

Aug 3, 2009

Mommy and Daddy,

Well today is my P-day. It’s about 830pm so I only have about a half-hour left to finish writing my letters. I’ve done lots of laundry and I’ve written almost 10 letters. It’s been a pretty no stress day. Well after noon, because on P-day we work from 10-1pm. But today we got called in early so we worked from 9-12. I’ve been in my apartment on my bed for most of the day.
Thank you so much for the licorice. I ate one bag in like three days. I haven’t opened the second one yet. I’m saving it for an emergency.

The mission is so good. I really feel like I am good at giving tours. Because even though I may not know all the facts, I’m a people person, so people seem to like me. The other day (I don’t remember which one, because they all run together) we had a tour with a middle age couple. I try to learn everyone’s name on the tour and I try to talk to everyone. This tour we gave had 20 plus people in it! So after the tour we handed out the referral cards for people to leave comments and to refer. This same middle age couple left all of their information and comments, but didn’t refer. So I re-invited them and asked if they wanted a Book of Mormon. The husband said he had been reading it in the hotel. So I offered him one for himself. He said yes and checked the box to receive the Book of Mormon and missionaries. I found out they are Quakers! Later I looked at the comments and it said, “Sister Garbett did an excellent job.” They even wrote this before I re-invited them. It’s amazing how talking to people and building that relationship makes such a difference. Every day I remind myself, “We teach people, not lessons.”

I know I’m here for a reason. Being able to talk to people is a gift from the spirit that I have be given. It has blessed me so much already and I know it will help me throughout my whole mission. This church is so true!

I love you so much!

Sister Garbett

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