Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Fever of 102.6!

October 12, 2009

Mom and Dad,

I'm sorry I didn't get a long letter out to you this week. Thank you for the package! We had tranfers today. I'm moving into a different apartment in the same house. However, I'll be in the basement. It's suppose to be the worst apartment, everyone says it's always freezing and there are lots of spiders! Pray for me! I'm still in the extended zone and I'll be working in Family Search.

Here are the answers to your email questions...

How was the VIP tour?
It went well. It wasn't actually people who are deciding right now if they want missionaries or not. They are like lawyers and stuff who have an influence on those types of decisions. The tour couldn't be religious in any way so it was a very historical tour, which actually made it a little less stressful. But it was pretty cool to see all the people from different countries.

How was conference?
Conference was busy! We got 2,421 potential referrals from members! I'm still calling people on my list. I actually talked to three people on the phone today whose friends I met at conference and they referred them. Those three people accepted to have the missionaries over! I'm waiting for the Ensign to come out so I can see if my picture is in it. :) Tell Steven thanks so much for making cd copies of the conference talks for me. I've been listening to them all week. And I loved the package you had Christina deliver to me!!! Thank you!

What was the best experience at conference?
I actually really loved seeing people that I know. For some wierd reason it doesn't distract me, it motivates me! But also, the next day we got to sleep in till 9:00am!!!!

Did the boots fit?
Yes they do! They are really comfortable, too! Thank you so much!

How's your new companion?
Good, Sister Basurto is from Texas/Mexico. She and I are in the same class, which means we came out together. We are both in our 3rd transfer. I am supposed to be the senior companion, but this week I have been really sick. The flu/cold is going around! I've had to stayed home for two days this week with a fever of 102.6! I am getting better now, but I sound like a man. Sister Basurto has made me breakfast every morning since I've been sick. She is very kind. I think we'll get along well.

How's the weather?
Beautiful!! Today and yesterday has been clear and just a little chilly! It feels like fall! I am warm enough with just a light sweater, but it is supposed to be getting much colder very soon.

I've been feeling a little sad that I won't be home for Halloween! Please go to the pumpkin farm for me! I would absolutely love it if you would buy me some pumpkin cake or muffins from the Bishop's Pumkin Farm and send them to me! I'm have to admit that I've been feeling very homesick this week because I was so ill. I am going to send a tape to Stacy soon, and it is kind of depressing. There is like 20 min of me complaining about how sick I was and how I felt nobody cared! I wanted to call home so bad! I've decided I hate being sick on the mission cause it just makes me want to go home!

Well, I love you! Hopefully I will hear from you soon! I didn't get your letter this week. Hopefully, I'll get it on Monday. I love you so much! You're always in my thoughts and prayers!

Sister Garbett

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