Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lots of Spiders

24 Oct 2009

Mom & Dad,

Hello! I’m so happy I got to talk to mom online today! My companion and I had a photo-shoot today for our p-day. It was a lot of fun, but we were in p-day clothes. Next time we’ll have to do it before we change.

We had a really good wek. We worked really hard and we’ve seen a lot of success so far. Sister Basurto still teaches me Spanish. I’m learning the days of the week now. She is super nice. Today sand said she really likes me being her companion. She always makes me food and gives me little notes. She is so cute.

There are lots of spiders in my house. They are really icky! I pray that they won’t crawl on me when I sleep. We have sticky traps for them all over the house.

I still love being a missionary. I’m working really hard with my companion I love when I go home exhausted from working so hard. Although lately I can’t fall right to sleep at night, I’m super tired, but I lay in bed for like a half-hour before I actually fall asleep. Our room is really dark. I wonder if it’s too dark for me. Especially since there are probably spiders crawling on me. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t see. I would feel like Peter Brady, in the Hawaii episode, when he opened his eyes and saw a huge spider crawling on him! Man, I miss watching the Brady Bunch on DVD. When I get home we need to have a Brady Bunch Marathon. But I have about 14 months till I’ll get to do that.

I can’t believe how quickly time is going by I love sharing the gospel. It’s cool to learn new ways to teach people, especially since I’ve been in family search. Speaking of, I want to do some of our family history. I’m getting birthdates and places so we can get their temple work going. I’m sharing the gospel with people from all over the world, but my family hasn’t even heard it yet. I’ll send you a pamphlet on temples so you can share it with your siblings who aren’t members, yet.

This church is so true something my Mission President always says is if we don’t invite we are taking away their agency. That was Satan’s plan. I love this church. I am so grateful for the faith of the pioneers who came here so we can worship in freedom.

I love you so much you’re always in my thoughts and prayers!


Sister Garbett

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