Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2009

Dear Stacy,

Hey Happy Halloween!

I’m at our Halloween “party”. We just finished watching Emma. Have you seen that movie? You really need to see it. It has the same actors from the Joseph Smith movie we play here. It is so good. But it’s pretty depressing. I really recommend you see it, but it made me cry because it was so good.

I haven’t had much of a P-day to day. We had zone conference this morning. Then I printed off pictures, did my laundry and then I came here to the party. We ate pizza and watched the movie. Now we are going to watch a movie about Gordon B. Hinckley.

I hope your Halloween is more fun than mine. I heard you’re going to Michael and Donna’s house. You’ll have lots of fun there! This time next year I’ll only have a couple months left of my mission. I can’t believe how quickly time is going bye. Halloween is already over. November is tomorrow. Happy 1st Birthday, Lucas! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and next is Christmas.

I can’t believe how fast time is flying. Sometime I happy that time is going by quickly. But other times I’m sad. Sometimes I feel like a mission is something I have to do before I can move on with my life. Kind of like high school, I didn’t’ want to always be there but I knew I would learn and grow so much from it if I went. Plus, I couldn’t do anything with my life if I didn’t go. When I’m freezing and I don’t want to get out of bed, I sometimes think I just have to do this for a year-and-a-half and then I can move on with my life. Did you ever feel that way when you were on your mission?

But then there are lots of days when I just love being a missionary. It’s usually on the days when I see lots of success (and days when there aren’t spiders all over my apartment). We have spiders EVERYWHERE in our apartment. They are ugly and scary. I pray every night that the spiders won’t crawl on me. So when you pray for me you might want to mention the spiders and ask God to keep them off of me.

The other day I saw Joseph W. Sitati, from the seventy. He is the one from Africa who spoke during the Sunday afternoon session. Speaking of conference, my picture is not in the Ensign, but my Mission President is!

This church is so true! I know Joseph Smith was called of God to bring back Christ’s church on the earth. I know that Thomas S. Monson is called of God today to lead and direct us. We are so lucky to have that guidance given to us from God through his prophets. We really are God’s children and He really loves us all. I love it when I tell people this and they understand and want to learn more. This is why I’m here.

I love you! Take care, write me!


Sister Garbett

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