Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Search: A Wonderful Missionary Tool!

November 21, 2009

Hey Mom & Dad,

Well this week and a half has been good. I had a blast last week at Park City, serving at the Family Tree Center. When I got there the director told us that when people come to the Family Tree Center they are so prepared and that they almost always refer. I have such a testimony of Family Search. The Spirit is so strong when they find their ancestors. This is such a wonderful missionary tool.

While I was there, one of the sisters that I served with was not feeling well and thought she should have her diabetes checked. After I left, she went to the doctor and they found a lump on one of her glands. She had to go home to have her doctor look at it. She left a couple days after I came back to the square. Also, when I got back to Temple Square I saw my companion from my last transfer and she had cast on her foot! She broke her foot while I was serving in Park City. So lots of drama.

The past week on the square has been a good one. We’ve been working hard and seeing lots of success. I am so much more comfortable in Family Search than ever before. I am getting better at teaching and inviting. I have yet to have any referrals in Family Search this whole transfer though. My companion gets one like every day! Sometimes I get a little discouraged, but I am realizing we all have our own strengths. My companion is good at getting referrals, but I feel I’m great at getting potentials. They usually ending up referring, which takes even more work! But I love it! I am also great with people my age. Yesterday we took two guys on a tour. They were both 20. They were pretty immature, but I know how to relate to them. So I would laugh at their jokes then talk about the gospel and apply it to them. I am very real with them. They ended up not referring, but I built a great relationship with them and feel they will referral one day.

Today my companion and I went to the Jordan River Temple! It was so nice not to have to attend a live session. I felt like I was at home again, in the Sacramento Temple. It made me a little homesick. I love the temple so much.

I love sharing the gospel it’s so cool to have so much variety when I do it. I love serving in the Temple Square Mission, it is such an amazing opportunity. When I get home I will be able to bridge anything to the gospel. This church is really the Church of Jesus Christ. Everything testifies of him and Heavenly father. I am so grateful to be part of this marvelous work!

Thank you for your wonderful example you have been to me! I’m always praying for you!


Sister Garbett

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