Tuesday, December 1, 2009


December 1, 2009

Hey Mom,

My new companion, Sister Rodriguez, is from Mexico and she is such a good missionary. She’s way more lay back than my other companions, but she goes home in February. We get along great. She is funny and she likes to shop too! She is so cute! Every morning she wakes up and says "Someday Sister, I won’t have to wake up so early." The other night as we lay in bed we started naming off all the "some days" that we will get to do when we are not missionaries anymore. We both hate waking up early in the morning. But we do it anyway and say "someday." The other night she said "Sister, someday when we get home we’ll be so tired from dancing all night!" I was really excited to think about that!

But it’s true. I am SO tired after working all day that when I get home I can barely get undressed before I fall asleep! I am getting so many referrals! My companion said the other night I was talking in my sleep and I was asking someone for a potential referral and I said I just need their phone number!

We both are working hard! It is extremely busy now at Temple Square especially at night with the Christmas lights display taking place. Our mission goal is to get 4 potential referrals a day. On our first day my companion and I got 54 referrals together! We are so good and our Mission President knows it! He keeps moving us where the people are even though our schedule says to be at other places.

But I have to admit, I think some of the other sisters may be a little jealous of our success because one of the sisters accused me of flirting to get potentials! But don't even get me started on that! I am working really hard to get those referrals and it seems that whenever I am doing what is right Satan always tries to interfere. I don't know who it was that said it and to be honest I don’t want to know. But I do know that my Mission President watches over me and if I was doing anything wrong he would be the first to tell me.

Just the other day, I didn’t know it but my Mission President was watching me as I was getting potential referrals from some football players who attend the U. Now, to be honest, if I was ever going to flirt with anyone it would have been with those guys. But I didn't and President was right there and saw me get those potential referrals through hard work. The next day he told me how great I'm doing and how our companionship is leading the mission.

It makes me feel so sad whenever I hear people say hurtful things about me, like I can't go on a mission because I will distract the elders! I was sent on a mission for my personality so I am not going to change that and obviously its working!

Thanksgiving at Temple Square was fun. We went to this place with a big cultural hall where dinner was served. But it wasn't like the Thanksgiving dinners I remember at home. I think the turkey was like some kind of processed turkey because I really thought it was ham! After dinner we got to do karaoke and sing “apostate” songs. We also got to watch the movie “UP” it was good! Then on Saturday, at Temple Square, I got to see Uncle Scott, Aunt Judy, Michael, Donna, Cheryl, Denavon and their babies! It was fun seeing family at Temple Square.

Thanks so much for the heater blanket! I’m sleeping so much better since I got it. For the past few weeks, I was having such a hard time sleeping, but the first night I put it on, I slept better than I had in a long time.

That is so cool about you cutting down your 20 foot Christmas tree for the cabin! I am jealous! At the Thanksgiving Dinner they also played the movie “White Christmas” but I couldn’t watch it. It made me trunky for home!!! As for calling home on Christmas day, there are six of us in one apartment, but three of them have to call home to Europe. I’m hoping they will go to the RC for their calls. I will probably call home in the evening because the Square is open until 6pm on Christmas Day. So I’m thinking we’ll have to call after then.

Well, I got to go! I love you lots, you’re always in my prayers!


Sister Garbett

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