Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Thine Afflictions Will Be But A Small Moment..."

Aug 5, 2010

Hello Family,

Well, we had transfers! My new companion is in her 2nd transfer. She is from Orlando Florida! We are in the "Chat Zone" and I am not the happiest camper. We have a lot of people get online just to waste our time and say crude things to us. I am working on the delete button in my brain so I can stop replaying the terrible words I read. Mom, you should teach me how to do that I bet you have to do that all the time with things you hear at work. I am trying very hard to stay positive, but so far it is difficult. I'm also a little sad because I won't be on the square very often, just a couple of hours a day.

Heavenly Father has a plan for me, I'm not sure what I need to learn, or who I need to meet, but I am really working on faith and trust in His plan. Today we were taking a couple on a tour through “God's Plan,” but I think I needed the tour more than they did. I have seen that same presentation probably a hundred times, but this time something really stood out to me. The last video clip is all about the restoration. It is so basic and goes through all of the points in the restoration in only six minutes! It's incredible. Anyway, as I was watching it this time some of the crude things I was told during one of my chats yesterday came into my mind. I felt very yucky and thought "Heavenly Father, why would you put me through this?" Just then I refocused on the video and the narrator said, "Incredibly, even the Savior was persecuted and rejected." It was a very humbling, yet comforting thing to hear. I felt a little like I had just experiences a very small fraction of how Joseph Smith felt in Liberty jail as he received the revelation "...thine afflictions will be but a small moment…"

I know I need to trust more in Heavenly Father's plan for me as His daughter. I know there are people online waiting to hear my testimony. I think this may be the place where the promise in my setting apart blessing will come to pass. The mission is always hard, but it is definitely worth it!

I love you so much! I'm learning a lot and always striving to become better. You're always in my thoughts and prayers!

Sister Garbett

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