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I have been in the MTC for 6 days today. It is so much fun! I have 2 companions, one from Jamaica (Sis Pommells) and one from North Carolina (Sis Heath). They are both great! Today we had a teaching appointment (TA), which is when someone comes to the MTC and pretends to be an investigator. We taught her the 1st lesson. It went so well. It was such a spiritual experience. I testified to her about how we can pray and receive answers through the Holy Ghost. Then she asked how we know it’s the Holy Ghost, and the scripture in Galatians 5 popped into my head and I turned right to it. I hadn’t even planned to use that scripture. But the spirit prompted me to do so. I’ve learned that we teach people not lessons. It took me a little while to understand that, but now I really understand. It’s not really what we teach them, as much as it is how well we meet their needs. When we teach them, to help them and meet their needs, I feel the love Heavenly father has for them.

Yesterday I went to the referral center (RC), which is where we call and receive calls from potential investigators. I was really nervous. My first call I just go an answering machine. Then the computer stopped working right so we had to call a different group of people. We had to call people who were supposed to have had the missionaries visited them.

I looked at the name I had. It was a women from Michigan. So I picked up the phone and called her. She answered and I began talking. She said she had met with the elders and received a Book of Mormon. She also said she referred one of her friends with a young daughter to the missionaries and they had been to church twice. I found out this woman had just been diagnosed with diabetes and lived alone. She said she felt like no one care for her. Then she saw the church commercial on T.V., so she called. She was so grateful for the love the missionaries gave her. I testified of Heavenly fathers love and told her that I sincerely cared for her, for I truly felt God’s love for her. She said just when life was getting hard “Jesus called her phone and came knocking o her door.” That’s who we are, representatives of Jesus Christ. I committed her to read the Book of Mormon and to meet with the missionaries this week.

This is why I’m here! I absolutely love the MTC. It’s hard and stressful but it’s worth it. I had my first hard day yesterday, but I already feel better. I know I just need to continue to rely on the Lord. I have a feeling I’m going to lose weight in the MTC. I am overwhelmed and stressed and I get stomachaches at least once a day, which prevents me from eating very much. But that’s ok with me. J I’m in bed by 10:30 almost every and up by 5:30 almost every morning. It’s a good thing I’m so vain. It’s such a great motivator to get me out of bed. I iron my clothes every night all by myself. :)

I’m super happy and outgoing everyday. It may get a little annoying to my companions, but they deal with it real well. I say hi to everyone I see and tell jokes to all the districts in my zone.
Why do melon always have big weddings? --because they cantaloupe!
Why couldn’t the missionaries eat dinner? --because Moroni hid the plates!

Yeah, they all think I’m pretty silly.

A bunch of elders in my zone left the MTC today. They’re serving in Sacramento! I told them it was 108 yesterday and they weren’t too happy to hear about Northern California summers.
I really am having a blast! I love you all! Write me! I got 6 letters yesterday and I felt so loved! Keep it up!


Sister Garbett

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