Friday, July 24, 2009

The Best Day Of My Mission!

July 18, 2009

Dear Mom & Dad,

I had the best day of my mission, so far today! I went to Temple Square! We left the MTC at 3pm and got to Temple Square at 4pm. We all went to the “underground laired.” We met in a conference room and sang “Called to Serve.” The mission has added a third verse about Temple Square. Then we met our companions for the day. My companion was Sister Higgenbotham from Virginia. She was amazing! We talked to lots of people and got lots of member referrals.
As Sister “H” was talking to a member family and getting a referral from them, I saw a family walk by us. They looked like middle age parents with a young toddler. I later found out they were the grandparents to this two-year-old boy. Right when I saw them I knew I needed to talk to them. The spirit was prompting me very strongly. My stomach was churning and my heart was racing, like right before you bear your testimony on Fast Sunday.

When Sister “H” was finished talking with the first family she asked me if I wanted to go contacting somewhere else. I said no, we needed to talk to these people (the grandparents of the 2 year-old). She didn’t object, so I walked over to them and started talking. I introduced myself and got their names. Oh, right when I started to approach them the two-year-old looked up at me. He smiled and ran straight towards me and gave my legs a huge hug! I almost started crying because, Mom, I remembered our talk just before I left on my mission. You said you felt prompted to tell me that as non-member families come to Temple Square, the parents may not be receptive to the gospel message but their little children will seek me out. You said, years from now when I’m off my mission, the children who will then be adults may not remember my name or what I said to them when they visited Temple Square as a child, but they will always remember the spirit they felt as I testified to them of Jesus Christ and his great love for them. When that little boy sought me out and gave me a hug, it was as if the spirit had just witnessed to me that what you had said was true!

As I began to talked to this couple, I discovered that I had no problem talking with them. I felt so calm and we connected very quickly. We offered to take them on a tour and they accepted. We took them to God’s plan for families. Although, the two-year-old was a little rowdy most of the time, the spirit was still there. After the tour we asked if we could send missionaries to visit them. They rejected. Sister “H” talked to them about the Book of Mormon and testified of the truthfulness of that sacred book. I don’t know how she did it, but they accepted the missionaries!

I had an amazing time! I am so excited to be able to serve at Temple Square every day of my mission! I wish Sister ”H” would be my trainer! She’s awesome. Oh, so we were contacting people and we started talking with a man and woman who were very nice and appeared kind of “hippish.” The man asked why all the Sister missionaries at Temple Square were so pretty. I explained that it’s a proven fact that confidence makes people more attractive and that all of the sisters at Temple Square were confident because we know who we are and we know Jesus Christ is our savior and we know God has a plan for us. The woman with him then said she notice how Mormons seem to have a “glow” about them. My companion then explained about the Holy Ghost. But in the end, they said they weren’t really interested in hearing more about the church (yet :~)).

I know Temple Square is the mission where I am supposed to be. I can’t believe I ever doubted Heavenly Father. I can’t wait until next Wednesday (22 July), that's when I can come to Temple Square as full time missionary and to do God’s work. I am in a better mood right now than I was on my first day at the MTC, and that’s saying a lot because you know how excited I was when you dropped me off in Provo!

I love you both so much! THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! I have such an amazing testimony! Thank you for raising me in the true Church of Jesus Christ! I love you!


Sister Garbett

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