Monday, May 3, 2010

"Goodly Parents"

April 19, 2010


Well, this week has been good. We have been spending a lot of time getting to know the members in our ward. Our progressing investigators have all dropped us, so we are working on finding people to teach. So we figure the members will be our best help. We have been receiving a lot of referrals from them, too! So it is going well.

We went to a baptism this weekend for two children in our Ward. They are in the Elder’s area though. It was all in Spanish and my companion taught the restoration in Spanish while the children were changing after their baptism. There were a lot of non/less-active members there, but they are all in the Elder’s area.

Today for preparation-day we went to the mall, but I didn't have very much money. So I just spent money on lunch at Red Robin and I got my hair cut! I only cut off about 3 inches, but I got some layers as well. It's not that much shorter, but it's a nice change.

How are all of the grand babies doing? Did Rachel have her baby yet? I really miss the kids. I think I'm finally starting to hit my trunky phase. I miss all the Birthdays and BBQs that we had in the summer, but I guess since Steven and Angelina aren't there it doesn't matter any way that I'm not there.

I started reading the Book of Mormon again, but I am doing it way slower than last time. I started a few days ago and I am only on pg 30. But as I was reading I realized how many of us always bash Laman and Lemuel for being so faithless and murmuring, then I realized how many of us are just like that. I was thinking how they didn't want to go get the plates, but they did it anyway because Nephi was so obedient that they had to go just so they wouldn't look so bad. Then they tried to get the plates and they couldn't so they were ready to go home.

How many times do we relentlessly go to church or pay our tithing then don't see automatic blessing so we don't want to do it again? Then Nephi made them go get their silver and precious things and go back and try again. And again they were thrown out and almost killed! Of course Lamam and Lemuel would murmur! I know we all need to try to be more like Nephi and be as obedient as possible, but the truth is we are all "natural men." The difference between us and Laman and Lemuel is that we need to realize what we are doing and use the atonement in our lives to become better and stop the cycle so we don't lead out posterity astray... That was my most recent spiritual thought...

So I am super excited about your new calling! Have fun with the 14-15 year-old Sunday School class. I think you probably teach Celine White! I love her! So I was thinking about some of my favorite teachers when I was a youth and some of the stuff that they did and I thought you might like some advice. One of my teachers would teach us outside sometimes when the weather was nice. She would bring Cinnamon rolls (or something like that) and a blanket and we would sit out on the institute lawn. I remember that it was a very spiritual lesson as well, because nature always seems to set the mood and make the lesson better. That teacher was Sister Cardon actually. Another teacher that I enjoyed told us that if we paid attention and participated and stayed focus through the entire lesson then the last 10 minutes of class was our time to just talk and laugh and have fun. I remember I always stayed focused because I wanted to socialize at the end of class with all of my friends. And of course, you can always bring snacks and visual aids. I know that this calling was inspired! You will do great!

I love you so much! A lot of the converts make a remark about how they are more laid back than members who were born in the church. Maybe you agree because you are a convert. But I think I am way more blessed. I was so lucky to be placed in a home with such "goodly parents" who brought me up righteously! Thank you so much for your faith and diligence in following the Lord! I love you and daddy so much! You are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers!

Sister Garbett

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