Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grateful to Serve

June 7, 2010

Mom and Dad,

Hello! I’m so glad I got to e-mail Mom today. That was fun, even though my computer froze up when I still had 10 minutes left. Things are going well here.

There are lots of fire flies here in Maryland and it is amazing! Have you seen fire flies? They look like glitter against the night sky or tiny little Christmas lights flashing on and off. There are different kinds of fire flies, too. I used to think they were all just orange but here the fire flies are orange, yellow, green and blue! I catch them all the time. I have a video of me catching one. I’ll have to figure out how to send it to you, because they are so cool!

We’ve been doing a lot of knocking on doors lately. We find a lot of people, but none of them are progressing by keeping commitments. We have one lady we’re teaching who is reading the Book of Mormon and she said she loves it, but she won’t commit to coming to church. We’ll keep working on her. She’s very nice and always invites us in. We found her from knocking.

We’ve been trying to pick up former investigators, too. We found a family in our area book, left by previous missionaries. We also discovered they were actually a Temple Square referral from last year. We stopped by and the daughter answered the door. She is 19 years-old and was very nice to us. She told us we could come back, but they are real busy. We’ll see what happens. We're hoping they’ll make time to see us again.

We had zone conference last week and Elder Kenneth Johnson from the Seventies came to speak to us. He gave a very powerful talk and I learned a lot from him. He offered us new ideas and ways to teach the gospel. He was very uplifting and inspiring.

Well, I gotta get going to dinner. I love you! The church is true! I know that Heavenly Father knows us all individually. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to serve here in Maryland for the past four months, and I am excited to get back to Temple Square soon (June 23).

You’re in my thoughts and prayers!


Sister Garbett

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