Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Charity--The Pure Love Of God

July 3, 2010


This week has been great! I love Temple Square! We are serving at Welfare Square and it is such a humbling experience. I have learned so much about the Church's Welfare Program. I had no idea where our fast offerings go. I never realized how important it is to pay fast offerings. My testimony has strengthened so much in this past week and I have so much more of a desire to pay fast offerings! I am excited to pay it tomorrow! We take people around Welfare Square and teach them about the Bishop’s storehouse and we show them where everything is made. When it is really slow we get to do some hosting. That is when we take people around to fill their food order that the bishop has approved. It is such an amazing experience to do that. The spirit is so strong and I feel filled with charity towards these people that I just met. The other day I took a woman probably about 35 and her mother. The woman's husband had lost his job and they had to move in with her parents. They had four children, so it was a very full house. They are very active and had been to the temple. You could tell that it was a very unhappy, humbling experience for them, and it wasn't their first time. The spirit was so strong, and I was able to relate so well with her and her mother. I was very cheerful and upbeat with them and I think it helped a lot. I told them that even though it is humbling, the food is amazing so it makes it all ok. :) They laughed and agreed with me. I also shared a scripture with them in Ether 12:27 how we are shown our weaknesses so we can become humble and grow. I testified that Heavenly Father sometimes lets us go through hard times so that we can become stronger.

When we were almost done shopping the head manager at the Bishop’s Storehouse, walked by and said hello to them and called them by name. I found out that they used to be neighbors. The women told me that they were hoping they wouldn't see him. I laughed and said that the only time I like running into people I know is in the temple. They agreed and laughed. After they left Larry came up to me and thanked me. He said he was so happy that I had helped them because he knew that I would take good care of them. He told me how they used to be neighbors and how her husband lost his job. He continued to tell me how much he appreciated me taking care of them. Then later I saw him and again he thanked me and told me that I really saved him. I don't quite know what he meant by that, but I took it as I was a good example of how much we love and care for the people who come in. It was such a wonderful thing to hear that I am doing well. Especially since that was only my 3rd time filling an order.

We have had success on Temple Square as well, even though we are only on the Square for a couple of hours each day. Although not every one refers, I can feel the spirit so strong while I am teaching and I know I am helping others to come unto Christ. We have seen so many miracles already! My second day here I met someone who lives in the area as my last district leader (DL). But she wouldn't really talk to us, so I didn't get her to refer.

My companion and I get along great and we work very hard. Our DL told us today how proud she is of us for the potentials (referrals) that we have received at Welfare Square. I didn't know this, but apparently it is not a very effective area for sisters. In outbound we would say it is a “dead area” because nothing really happens there. The Mission President has even considered not having sisters there anymore, but we have seen a lot of success. Just yesterday we got four potentials! When my DL told us about that today I felt the spirit testify that it was inspiration for my companion and I to be called to serve at Welfare Square. My companion is so excited about Welfare Square, I think she likes it even more than I do. :)

My companion and I are both very excited to work out in the mornings. We were talking about it when one of the security guards was in the room and he told us about this great workout that he did in the army ROTC. So he printed the workout sheet for us and we have been working out every other day and running on the other days. I am SO sore, and I love it! I have also been eating better lately. At welfare square we eat in the cafeteria, so I just eat a salad and it fills me up. For dinner I usually eat a turkey sandwich on wheat and we eat dinner no later than 5pm every day. So hopefully I will drop some pounds!

Anyway, if you can't read the excitement in this letter, I love it here! I hope the success continues! I am so happy to be back at Temple Square! I love you so much! I hope everything is going great for you, and I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

I love you!

Sister Garbett

p.s. I am going to get my hair cut today by Kaysi!!!!! I am so excited!

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  1. Hi. I don't know if you remember me. I am Marie Reese's granddaughter. I got your blog from your mom.I hope it is ok that I am following. I love blogs and have one myself. Every year I print it out. I think you should print yours when your mission is done. Any ways, like I said I have been following your blog for the last couple weeks. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I love your strong spirit and your enthusiasm.

    I also wanted to comment on what you said about the family coming to get food from the store house. My husband lost his job and we have had to move in with his parents. We just had our 5th child. I completely understand how that woman felt. I have gone to our food store house several times. It is a very humbling experience. Everyone has always been so kind to me when I have gone. I appreciated it so much. It is a very hard experience to go through. I am so glad that the woman you helped had you there. Having the right person help you through can make all the difference. Thank you for your love and understanding.

    I hope your mission continues to go well for you and that you have many more opportunities to serve.

    Christy Holt (Reese)