Wednesday, January 13, 2010

100% Obedient

January 8, 2010

Mom & Dad,

I’m happy transfers came. So far I like my new companion. Her name is Sister Cheng and she is from Hong Kong. She is really little and cute and a lot of fun.

This transfer I am trying to be extra, 100%, obedient. This includes working out in the morning. My companion doesn’t like to work out. So it looks like I’ll have to workout inside. Today I went to Wal-Mart and bought a “Step” to do step aerobics. It cost me $30.00! Thank you Kaysi for the gift card! Hopefully I’ll get skinny this transfer just in time to go outbound in February. I really don’t want to go until March, but I’m thinking I’ll probably go out next transfer. Sister Heath and Sister Pommell were sent outbound this transfer and we were companions together in the Mission Training Center last June. If I do go out this next time around, pray for me to be out for only three transfers!

Another goal I have for this transfer is to read the Book of Mormon in three weeks or less. So far it is completely possible. I have read almost 100 pages in three days. I love the Book of Mormon! As I’m reading, I’m highlighting every time Jesus Christ is mentioned. There are so many different names for Him. Did you know the name “Christ” isn’t used in the Book of Mormon until page 78 (excluding the introduction and cover of course)? But every page testifies of Him!

I had a really great experience the other day. Three Young Single Adult (ages 18-30) came into the south Visitor’s Center and I was able to tell them about the Temple. They are working at Park City but they were originally from South and Central America. I was very bold with them and testified that through the Temple they can be with their families forever. I invited them to receive the missionaries so they could learn more about eternal families and all three accepted! It was an incredible testimony to me that the spirit is the dividing factor which separates being bold from being pushy.

This church is so true! I love you so much! Thanks for your love and prayers!


Sister Garbett

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