Saturday, January 30, 2010


Jan 22, 2010

Hey Mom,

Today is my P-day so I’m hoping I can connect with you via email. The mission is going well. I went to Wal-mart today to buy more tapes and they didn't have any! I'm completely out! They said they no longer carry them! Arrrrgggg! Can you ask Stacy to send me some?

The work has been so slow! I have had some good contacts, but people aren't referring. But I had contact with an amazing member referral that referred last night while I was working in the Referral Center. I write you a nice long letter about it tonight.

I found out that sometimes when sisters are going outbound the mission that they are going to sends a letter to the parents. It's happened before that the parents find out where their daughter is going before she knows and they tell her and ruin the surprise. Soooo... just in case that were to happen (it doesn't happen often), but if it does, don't tell me. I won't find out if or where I'm going until Feb 15 and I want to be surprised. So just so you know!

My companion is a delight. She is little and silly and English is definitely her second language. She tried to say beaches the other day, but said something else. Ha-ha! She said it like 3 times too! We get along really well. I am pretty laid back with her. She said all of her other companions had made her cry in their first week together, and I haven't made her cry at all! And she is really sensitive. We have fun together and we try to work hard. It's hard because there is nobody here though.

Well, got to go. I hope we can email next week! I love you!


Sister Garbett

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