Saturday, October 30, 2010

13th Transfer

October 21, 2010

Mom and Dad,

Hey, how is everything going? Did you get the car you were thinking about getting? P-day was fun today but it was busy. We went shopping after emailing. I got two sweaters and food from Wal-Mart. Then we came home and changed really quickly then went to the haunted village at Heritage Park. It was really fun. But I wasn’t scared. I just kept talking to the “actors” who were trying to scare us. I told one of them he needed to make some noise when he jumped out at us because it would be scarier and he tried two more times to scare us without making any noise and I said, “You’re just as not scary now as you were the first two times. Really, you should try making noise.” I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get scared, but at least it didn’t give me nightmares.

This week has been really good. Jessica (1) is still on date for November 6 for her baptism. She is working on living the law of chastity and repentance. She says she feels like the Elders don’t really listen to her and she loves it when we teach her. 19 year-old boys just don’t get it sometimes. :) But we are only teaching her about every five days now, so pray that her Elders will step it up.

Jessica (2) went to church on Sunday! She did what we told her to do. She went up to the Elders and introduced herself. That night we called her for our appointment and she was meeting with the Elders. We called her back thirty minutes later. She was so happy! She is getting baptized on Halloween. She is ready to “live her life for God,” as she puts it. She asked us if she should only have one pair of earrings. We told her that is what the prophet counsels us to do and she was fine with it. She said she is going to take out her other set. I love how Heavenly Father prepares his children and how the Holy Ghost works on them. We barely have to do anything!

We have another investigator named Lisa. She is 24 and has two little children. She is married, but she isn’t happy. She said her husband is an alcoholic. We promised her the gospel can bring her so much happiness and peace in her home. I felt the spirit so strong as I told her that and I knew it was true. She is slowly starting to open up to us. She is planning to go to church on Sunday.

We are teaching Yvonne in Ghana. That is an interesting situation. She says she has to get baptized before she goes to Oregon to marry someone she met on the internet. We think she may be a mail order bride. We are going to make sure she meets with the missionaries in Ghana so they can better help and teach her.

The work is going great! I am loving my companion! We get along so well and we have so much fun! I am really praying I stay with her in Chat next transfer! We’ll find out my fate for my last transfer on Monday! I’ll let you know what happens!

Speaking of my last transfer, I speak in Sacrament on Halloween. I can’t believe I’m going to be giving my “farewell” talk already! I feel like it was just last transfer when my trainer spoke! Time truly flies by!

I love my mission! I’m sad it’s ending, but also excited to see what happens next for the rest of my life. Ha ha! Sister Despain calls it my 13th transfer! I think that makes it sound scary. She quoted WHB and said, “Go directly to your new area when you are transferred and meet your ‘new companion’ without delay.” Ha ha! I guess her teachers told her that in the MTC and she felt like it was valuable information that I needed before I go home (my 13th transfer).

I know I was sent to this mission for a reason! I am so grateful to serve the Lord here. I love you both so much!


Sister Aubree Garbett

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