Saturday, October 30, 2010

Never Too Late To Repent

October 21, 2010

So, I just wanted to let you all know that the mailbox with the "G" on it has been quite empty (Except for letters to Sister Gilbert, because she is in her first transfer.) I have been trying to pretend to be ok with it, but I can't do it anymore! I only have 7 weeks left (no, I'm not counting) and this is a great time for you all to show me how much you love me. Otherwise, why would I want to go home to people who don't care enough about me to drop a post card in the mailbox? SO, I have made up a list of the last time I received a letter from everyone in the family.

• Steven: Today 10-21-10 (you can see who loves me the most)
• Stacy:8-8-10 (you may notice the gap here... yes, I went that long before getting another letter :( granted, she was prego, so she gets a little leeway
• Mom:9-15-10 (I might add that I did get a package from mom today with stamps in it and my skirt that I have been waiting for for 4 months, but there was no letter or note or anything inside.)
• Rachel: 8-24-10 (Rachel is great at writing detailed letters and decorating the envelope with stickers when she does write me)
• Angleina: Sometime while I was outbound (Shocking, right? I couldn't believe she had forgotten about me for so long!)
• Dad: Sometime before I went outbound (Also shocking, might I add that I went outbound in February and we are in the end of October right now)
• Emily: Also sometime before outbound (But I think it was even before dad wrote me)
• Joe: Either my first transfer or in the MTC (Both were over a year ago. unacceptable.)
• Keith & Brian: I have yet to receive a letter from either of them my entire mission.... I've been out for almost 16 months... sad

I hope you all take this time, not to get offended because I called you out, but to contemplate how I must feel. Look at the last time you have written me, and change your slacker ways. It's never too late to repent; well actually in this case you only have 7 weeks to show me... so hurry up! I will await your correspondence.

Sister Garbett

More pictures:

1. My other coat I got a few weeks ago. Also very cute, but as you can
probably see, not very warm.
2. These were my tracting shoes. They are my favorite. I still wear them. They
are my "holey" shoes!
2. Jerilyn loves me! She brought this to me, but I didn't see her. She
left it with a senior missionary couple.
3. This is the coat I bought last week! $40! What a steal! It is really
warm too and I can wear it when I get home!
4. In the Assemby hall it has been very slow lately, but will pick up after Thanksgiving.

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