Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Transfer!

31 Aug 2009

Mommy & Daddy,

Today we had transfer conference. We found out who is going outbound (transferred to another State-side mission) and what our transfers are. But we don’t actually transfer until Wednesday. I am going to be in the extended zone and my main assignment is the Humanitarian Center. So I will be giving tours there. I don’t exactly know how that will work. My new companion is Sister Green. I don’t know her very well, but I hear she likes to shop! I am so excited for that because I haven’t been shopping in 10 weeks. My companion now told me on my first day that I would have to wait till my 2nd transfer to go shopping. So I have earned a companion who wants to go shopping.

We had a really great experience this week. I was on exchanges with Sister Rafi. She is from France. She is so cute and has lots of energy. She is an amazing missionary. We contacted into two young men, probably my age. One of them was having a really difficult time. He was driving on a suspended license and got pulled over. So he got his car impounded and was stranded without any money in Salt Lake. Little did he know how lucky he was. He talked to a senior couple and they arranged for him to meet with a Bishop at the Welfare Square. He needed to get home to his girlfriend and his three-year-old son. So while he was waiting of his appointment we took him on a tour. The other guy he was with was just a random guy, neither had met each other before. However, they both had had hard lives and grew up without family.

We gave them a tour and talked about temples and prophets. We told them there was a prophet on the earth today and they believed us. We took them into the Tabernacle and there we taught them the restoration. Both of them were taking in everything we said. When we were leaving the Tabernacle one of them said he felt so good. He said there is a feeling here that’s different! They both felt the spirit so strong. We took them to see the Christus at the Visitor Center and it was amazing. I testified how the atonement helps us in our lives with any trials we are going through. We taught about the Book of Mormon and shared with them how we have another scripture to help us in our lives. I was guided by the spirit perfectly when I invited them to have the missionaries bring them a Book of Mormon. They both referred! They were so happy that they got to take the tour. At the end of the tour the young man who was stranded said how he felt that he was stranded here for a reason. The Lord works in mysterious way!

I love being a missionary. The work is hard, but it is so worth it! Those moments when I see someone feel the spirit makes all my hard work worth it. This church is true! This really is the Church of Jesus Christ! The same church that was on the earth in the Bible is on the earth today!

Thanks so much for everything you do for me. I love you! Keep me in the loop.

Sister Garbett

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