Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Simple Act Of Kindness

Sept 12, 2009

Mom & Dad,

Another week gone by… It was a great week. I love my companion. We get along great. Today we went to the Mall! I felt like I was in heaven. But I wish I had more money. Groceries are so expensive. But I did buy a pair of shoes. They were cheap, cute and comfortable. I couldn’t pass them up. We also got ice cream cones at Ben & Jerry’s and a girl gave us $20.00 to buy it. She was a really cute return missionary. It was such a small, simple act of kindness, but it was such a big deal to a couple of poor missionaries. It shows that when you are doing God’s will, you are always blessed. I’m sure that girl will be so blessed for her sacrifice.

How is the cabin coming a long? Something really random, my house I live in sometimes smells like the old cabin. It’s weird to wake up to that smell. I think it’s because it’s so old.

My companion and I get along so well. We talk about everything. We just sit on our beds at night and talk about scriptures and the miracles we’ve had. Today we were both so happy for no particular reason. We realized it was because we had the spirit with us all the time. Today at the mall we could literally feel how we were set apart from the world. It almost felt like we were in a bubble that kept the world away from us. It was the first time I’ve really felt my mantel. Everyone always told me about it, but I never noticed it before. I’m so lucky to serve everyday on dedicated grounds. As I walked back to the Square I could feel the difference as I passed through the gate onto Temple Square. I love my mission. I am so lucky to be a missionary and to represent Jesus Christ. This is his church. I love being able to tell people about it. Heavenly father loves us so much. We really are His children. Isn’t that amazing? And as His children we are all heirs to His Kingdom!

This church is so true!

I love you!


Sister Garbett

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