Friday, September 25, 2009

Three Months Out!

Sept 19, 2009


Thanks so much for your e-mails. I printed them off and then read them when I got home. You are so funny! You made me laugh especially when you wrote about the huge spider you found at the cabin. I also thought it was pretty funny when you wrote about how, Allie, our pug, “talks” about me all the time. I have to admit that when I read about you watching the Brady Bunch DVDs I got trunky for a minute. I do miss eating ice cream and watching the Brady Bunch with you in the evenings. That activity is high on my to-do list when I get home.

Can you believe I’ve been out for three months! Did time fly for you, too? In three months I’ll be calling home at Christmas. Did you hear I get to call home on Father’s Day, too? I also get to call from the airport when I go outbound. That will probably be in February or March. Plus I’ll probably get to call at the airport when I go back to Temple Square after my outbound assignment. So, I get to call home like five times! My mission is so cool!

I love reading your e-mails about your missionary experiences. I bet it was hard learning to speak and read Spanish. It’s so cool that you know what I’m going through. It’s nice to hear from people who have been where I am.
As a spiritual thought a couple of weeks ago, I heard about an article from the Church News “Music Warms and Lights”
( It really touched me and I thought of you and all the years you have played the organ in church as I was growing up. The article was true. Because I know how important music in the church really is. So I went to the distribution center and bought the church News so I could send you the article. Your calling as the Ward Organist really is so important. You’re so lucky to have such a wonderful talent and so faithful to share it every Sunday with the members of our church.

I love this church so much! I love being a missionary on Temple Square and that I get to testify about eternal families. I’m so happy to know that my family will be together forever!

I love you so much! Keep up the good work. Keep going to the temple often.


Sister Garbett

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